Wholesale eCommerce

Front-end, back-end


The client was the biggest Ukrainian wholesale marketplace of goods for home and offices.


The task of this project was to redesign the current eCommerce website according to modern design approaches and rebuild back-end to increase the website performance and load endurance.


Redesign front-end of the platform, using a clean and simple user interface design with a focus on user purchase and browsing experience. And rebuild back-end to increase efficiency.

technologies used


First of all, we started from user experience design as it’s the most important of the design in our opinion. After building user paths and choosing the best solution of interface elements location, we started drawing the actual look of the website. We tried to keep it as simple as possible to avoid the website be overloaded, as it has a big number of items and categories.


The project used Magento 2 as a CMF. Our passionate developers optimized the checkout process, synchronized the platform with logistic companies for users to track their orders, created the user profiles to see orders history and enhanced product recommendation system.