Social media

Front-end, back-end


One serial entrepreneur from the United States who creates startups and got investment from venture capital.


Create the platform that will help users schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all social media accounts in one place.


Our team has created the high-end platform for social media scheduling, that can proudly compete with top performers in that niche. The project has such features as social media posts schedule, acounts & posts performance analytics, collaboration, and internal communication.

technologies used


Elligense web designers put a lot of effort to design a pleasant user experience that can be accessed from various devices and regardless of the choice, provide the user with functionality in the most convenient way.


Developers had to create a high-performance platform and decided to create Node.js application, hosted on the cloud in order to provide top efficiency. Front-end code was optimized as much as possible for website loading under 3 seconds.