eCommerce website
of vintage furniture

Front-end, back-end


Rental company from United States that specializes in furniture and home decor rentals. It provides a wide range of pieces from antique to modern to contemporary, encompassing furniture, lighting, art, and home accessories through an online platform.


Create an online catalog where users can request a quote for furniture rent.


E-commerce website on CMS Shopify with a clean modern design that inspires users to make a purchase.

technologies used


As our client’s company represents a modern and elegant style, the website had to correspond to it. We choose to underline the elegance of products and focus user’s attention on items, not website elements. User experience was our key point of focus, that is why we created intuitive navigation.


Our team of developers decided to develop the website on CMS Shopify, as one of the best solutions for managers to easily fulfill orders and edit stock. As our client’s business model is renting, not selling, we had to write a custom backend solution of purchase system on top of Shopify and of course, make front-end part as quick as possible by serious code optimization.