Online education

Front-end, back-end


Build an online education platform, where anybody can create their own course and teach people. At the same time, a teacher can be a student on another course, so it’s like a social media for those who love to learn and teach.


Online education platform built with Laravel framework to maintain high performance. Users can create video courses as well as purchase them. There is the ability to add friends, chat with others and communicate in discussion sections.

technologies used


This project had a lot of user interface elements and features, so we spent a lot of time on designing the architecture and user experience of the project. Everything should be intuitive and clear for the first-time user. It was challenging to design such a complicated interface, but the client and their users were satisfied.


Such a platform has to have strong technologies under the hood, to be able to hold the traffic and provide users with high efficiency. We used PHP framework Laravel which allows building effective web applications.