About us

A quick overview of who we are.

Hi there!

It’s Elligense team, we want to share our story with you. Our company was founded with a mission to help businesses achieve their goals with IT solutions and solve market problems. We are going toward the big goal - build an amazing business backed by future technologies and goal-oriented people to satisfy our customers' expectations.

Our main differentiation is that we are an outsourcing company, which works as a product one. It means that we invest most effort and money into team education and office, to create a rocket-productive team and work on fewer but more challenging projects.
Our employees have the best work tools, custom environment, that were made especially for them, not to mention lessons and places for rest. We hire top performers that love their job and have a fire in the eyes.


Our team

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Key industries we serve

Education eCommerce eLearning

We partner with

Independent Software Vendors IT Solutions Providers Companies That Need To Innovate
Financial Institutions Enterprises Implementing Digital Transformation Growing Startups

Our values

People to people relations

We value relationships inside our team and with our customers. Our employees work in a friendly and cozy environment with the best equipment and frequent team building events. And we strive to become more than the outsourcing team for our clients, rather a business partner who helps achieve big goals.


We are not afraid to try new approaches and technologies to find out a better solution to a problem. Moreover, our team is making innovation in the IT company structure. We break the usual corporate structure and have a friendly, family-like team.

Constant education

We constantly seek new knowledge. Twice a week we have lectures about the latest trends in technologies and design. It helps us to stay updated and create cutting-edge solutions for our customers. In addition, we have a special place for reading in the office.